Sunday, October 6, 2013

Preparing for Appointments

When I first started my infertility journey, I had no idea what to ask or what to expect. As a result, for a long time many questions remained unanswered because...well...I wasn't asking them.

Had I asked more questions and gotten more answers, I probably would have made different decisions but to be honest - when you're in the throes of infertility and it's all so new, you're just trying to get that baby and not thinking about everything else.

If you're heading to a new appointment, or even going to a regular one, please see this link on Preparing For Your Appointment by the Mayo Clinic for suggestions on what to ask, what to provide, etc. It's a great resource, and one I wished I'd had for my first couple appointments!

Try making your own list that you can pull out at the appointment, so that everything gets covered. This journey is too personal, and too expensive, to go through it partially blind. The more answers you have, the easier you can make educated decisions!

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