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Melissa - Founder of 'Ask An Infertile'.  Melissa is a working mom of two amazing boys, a wife, a blogger, and an aspiring writer.  She married her soulmate in 2004 and had her first son in January 2009.  She struggled with unexplained secondary infertility from 2010-2012 and suffered an early miscarriage (also known as a chemical pregnancy) during that time.  Her second son was born in October 2012.  Once her infertility was resolved she still felt strongly about offering help and support to those still struggling.  Since she just wasn't busy enough (see two kids, husband, full time job, etc.), she decided to create the blog!  For Melissa's introduction post, click here.

Amy - TTC buddy of Melissa, Stay at home mother of two adorable but exhausting kiddos, newlywed, Canadian and top model extraordinaire...or so she likes to think! She struggled not with getting pregnant but with actually staying pregnant. For Amy's introduction post, click here.

Tags: Amy, Miscarriage, TTC, Secondary Infertility, Progesterone

Teresa - For Teresa's introduction post, click here.

Mandy -  Mental health social worker turned ttc renegade. Age 32. Married on 6/18/11.  TTC baby #1 since August 2011.  Diagnosis:  PCOS.  Taking Metformin XR 1500mg.  Don't ovulate without help.  Do ovulate on 150mg Clomid.  One BFP turned early miscarriage in December 2012.  Still trying for that rainbow baby. For Mandy's introduction post, click here.

Tags:  Mandy Miscarriage, PCOS, Primary Infertility, TTC, Clomid, Femara

Rachel - A mid-twenties newlywed who has been TTC for 3 years. Massage Therapist in training with a borderline obsessive addiction to all things holistic. I've tried many natural avenues, and some medical, and have had little success in our TTC journey. Ready to start the next phase of my life, and finally find our way into parenthood!  For Rachel's introduction post, click here.

Tags:  Rachel, PCOS, TTC

Alissa - I'm an early thirty-something, infertile (PCOS), babyloss, boy-mom. After three years of TTC, fertility treatments, losing my 20 week twins, a FET with my last frozen embryo and a second pregnancy, I gave birth to my rainbow son. Loss has become a part of me, but so has joy. This journey has been gut-wrenching, enlightening, and tiring. It also brought me to my 'Raz'. These days I am working full-time, raising a sweet and spirited boy, and trying to write and live to the fullest. We are done with IVF and holding out a little hope of a sibling (someday) for our baby boy.


Kelly -

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Julia -


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