The views, advice, and information shared here are personal opinions and knowledge gathered by the contributors.  We are not doctors, we are only speaking from our own experiences and the research we have done on our own.  We are not true "experts", we are just women that have gone through something and want to share our stories and help others like us.  We will always do our best to be sensitive of the feelings of our readers. What we post about our lives will always be truthful.  The information we share (statistics, definitions, descriptions of tests and procedures, etc) will always be researched and if appropriate the source will be cited.

We attempt to be as sensitive to our readers as possible.  We understand that some woman struggling with infertility may not be in a place where they want to read about some subjects geared more toward just trying to conceive without an added concern of infertility.  Whenever such a subject is discussed, the post title will be marked with "TTC Post" and a short disclaimer will appear at the beginning of the post.  The well-being of our readers is our top priority.

If you have reason to believe something we have posted was inaccurate or with any comments or concerns, please email us at askaninfertile dot yahoo dot com.

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