Thursday, November 21, 2013

Infertility - How your man can help...

Often infertility is projected onto the female role, but it's important to remember that - even if your partner doesn't have male factor infertility - there are always things he can do to help.

* There is much debate about whether or not any of these factors actually increase infertility in men. Some studies say yes, others say no. I say it's worth a shot - and it can't hurt!

#1 - Protect your swim team! Keep "manland" to a normal body temperature, stay away from hot environments - like hot tubs or even hot baths. Try looser under garments to keep the air a-flowing through those hot spots and try not to rest laptops or cell phones in your lap.

#2 - Drink and Smoke Less. I'm not going to say quit, because to be honest - that's your call. But the less you consume, the healthier you'll be. This includes drugs.

#3 - Have lots of sex! Every couple of days will ensure a constant supply of sperm in her body - just in case she ovulates earlier than expected.

#4 - Say "no" to lube! Or...choose wisely. Some lubes have sperm killing features - which doesn't really work with trying to concieve. So if you have to use it, make sure you find one intended for TTC.

#5 - Limit exposure to chemicals. The fewer chemicals in your body, the healthier you'll be. Pesticides have been shown to reduce fertility, so if your partner works with them in farming or landscaping, wearing gloves or a mask might be a good idea!

#6 - Exercise! Working out keeps your body in tip top shape, and helps your systems to work smoothly. A healthy body = healthy sperm (with the exception of certain diseases).

#7 - Relax. Stress affects both female and male fertility. Relax, find fertility friendly ways to de-stress and try to enjoy the process.

* Please note this isn't based on any professional expertise. It is just based on personal experience. Each case of infertility is unique, and you should speak to you healthcare professional about what you can do to increase your fertility.


  1. Good list! I would also add... ask your partner what she needs. Know that she experiences this journey in a totally different way than you (and she's NOT crazy for it). Bring flowers! Show her she is not the failure she might feel like right now and that she is appreciated for many aspects of who she is, not just her ovaries and uterus... :) Hi from ICLW.

  2. Hi from ICLW! Thanks for stopping by the blog! Those are great tips - so often, the guys think there's not much they can do to help!

  3. These are the great guidelines and must follow the steps to get fruitful results soon.


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